The Wealth Compass vs Wealth Trigger 360 : Which is best?

Anything that we do in our lives, we do in order to make ourselves happy, in one way or another, to a smaller extent or greater. From hobbies to eating good food and spending time with friends and family, our daily struggles all work towards a better life.

Ambition is a welcome trait when it comes to searching for one’s happiness. Money can’t buy happiness, but it is easier to be happy in financial abundance. As one man once said: “I’d rather cry in a Ferrari than on a bike”  Though it is hard to get into wealth, one can fairly easily do so, by reprogramming one’s way of thinking by using the “Mind Hacks” available on the internet. There are many such programs available, but few, if not none, are as efficient as The Wealth Compass and Wealth Trigger 360. These methods might seem unbelievable, but they are proven to be successful and highly effective. They allow you to change yourself for the better in pursuit of wealth. They are quite easy to apply and will bring you only good things. Through several audio files, they will teach you how to be better at both business and daily struggles and decision making. You are sure to achieve great long term success with enough dedication to both yourself and the program.

The Wealth Compass

The Wealth Compass introduces the Law of Attraction. A revolutionary discovery that will open your way to your State of Abundance. Through our lives, we have been told that scarcity exists, but it does not. Money, freedom, love, they all exist within the unified field. The unified field is the closest thing to God we have discovered. Your Scarcity Story conceals the Field from you and closes your mind of to it.

The worst part is that your Scarcity Story keeps growing more and more every day, leading you further and further away from happiness. But what if I told you that, by just putting your headphones on for a few minutes a day, you can abolish that which keeps you away from the Field, and lets you tap into it. The question is “Are you ready for it”? You already have the abundance, you just need to learn how to manifest it. Within the Field, you will find everything you need in life, everything that was there, but you failed to perceive it into reality, because of the restriction society has placed on your way of thinking. The things you have been told about poverty and unhappiness were false. They do not exist. It is just a matter of the fact that you have been thought to perceive them as such. The collective conscience melds reality, as reality is based on our perception. The Wealth Compass will teach you how to open your mind to The Unified Field and find everything that you are looking for. It offers a key to differentiating two kinds of realities and materializing your desires. This programme is cheap, but you can make it even more affordable by using this Coupon to get it with 76% OFF from the regular price and pay an even smaller price for the key to the universe.

The Wealth Trigger 360

The Wealth trigger 360 is a program with a more methodical approach to altering one’s self. It helps you meld your mind to that of a millionaire and lets you tap into the functions of such a mindset. “This millionaire mindset hack” will teach you how to access the four powers in every millionaire’s mind contains: mental, intuitive, soulful and intuitive.

Dr. Steve G. Jones is the progenitor of this method. He has a masters in Cognitive Psychology and a Ph.D. in education. He is also the world’s leading Hypnotherapist. In order to change your mindset, you need to place it in an environment where it has no choice but to change, as per the basic survival instinct all humans possess. This is achieved through the seven protocols.

The first step is called The four pillars of the millionaire’s mind. It represents inspiring the subconscious by listening to proven tactics of earning your first million, awakening the four powers I mentioned before. Neurologistic Programing or NLP is the second protocol, it is based on the research that proves that certain neurological barriers can be ignored through conditioning. The commands are interwoven within your subconscious mind in order to condition your mind towards healthy thinking. Protocol three consists of repeating focal meditations. While the effects of these meditations alone can yield surprisingly beneficial effects, the main importance is placing you within the optimal mindset for imprinting the blueprints of the millionaire mind within you.

Affirmative repetition is the fourth protocol, which consists of embedding certain phrases and words within your mind through repetition. Like a catchy song, but more permanent. The more repetitions the better. Protocol five is called is named Hypnotic Reprogramming. Dr. Jones made a breakthrough when he realized that he can gently force the subconscious to change. These are the five steps of this process. Induction is the first step, through audio it embeds the basics into the brain. The Deepening applies NLP in order to get your mind into a standstill in order to allow it to drip into your subconscious. Reprogramming is the third step, it is the most important step as it permanently imprints ideas into your brain without your conscious mind interfering. The fourth phase is Amnesia, it applies hypnosis in order to delete the mind state before the reprogramming in order to prevent the mind from regressing.

Through the fifth step, the Trance Termination, you are safely guided into a new, healthier mindset. The sixth protocol is called the Brain Entrainment, which teaches your brain as an organ to function in a new way, which is followed by the seventh protocol which manipulates the pulses within your brain. This method is available to you for a fairly cheap price on the official website, or even cheaper if you use this link here.

These methods of achieving wealth differ greatly. The Wealth Trigger was tested by professionals, while the Wealth Compass was tested by one man on himself. Both yielded stunning results.

Wealth Trigger 360 is aimed towards those that wish to achieve success in their business  practice and are more inclined to the financial benefits of achieving wealth, as well for those that wish to learn this method and wish to apply it to others or teach it.

The Wealth Compass is a more liberal system tuned towards those that seek a new outlook on life and happiness. If you seek wealth in order to convert it into happiness of another form, this method is what you should go with.

Ed P. Sand is an Yoga teacher, practicing yoga & meditation for more than 15+ years from the his indian guru.
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