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How a wealthy mindset can make you very rich and happy

What really differentiates the rich from the poor? It is the wealthy mindset that makes a distinction and goes further to ensure one becomes rich and the other stays poor. You can most definitely begin to choose sides now, by deciding what to do about the information you will read now.

As a lot of people have discovered, being rich is not all about money, but about applying yourself to life changing principles and forging a path for your financial independence. A person with a poor mentality can run into one million dollars now, and still become poor after a few months, but one with a rich mentality will be able to make judicious use of the money to make himself even richer. I wrote a post about this recently, check it out here. 

Getting wealthy is a matter of if you want to or not. It entails getting out of your comfort zone, and by comfort zone I mean your present state of thinking that greatly limits you. It means making wise use of your time in your pursuit for wealth.

Not many people like that idea. They do not want to take responsibilities for themselves. They feel like the world owns them much, so they shouldn’t have to take some certain measures. How wrong they are. As a matter of fact, the world is very indifferent to our current situation. If your situation gets worse than it already is, the world will still don’t care. We should be the ones to get up and take total control of our current circumstances.

For those who find it hard to understand how a shift in mindset can turn your finances around, this post is for you. Here, I pointed out ten ways a wealthy mindset can actually make you rich and happy. Note the words, rich and happy.

Most people are rich, but only a few are rich and happy. There are many reasons behind that, which we might discuss later, but one of the reasons is due to the mindset they had in their accumulation of wealth. Some people are lucky, they ran into wealth even with a poor mindset or mentality.

For the time being, we see them as having jumped the hurdle of mindset training. However, the negative effects of that mindset begins to kick in. They make wrong decisions and land themselves in lots of trouble. That’s why you see so many scandals on the media about rich people.

Well, without much reading, let’s get right into the main content. Below is a list of the top ten ways of how a wealthy mindset can make you very rich and happy.

1. You will think more of investing rather than spending

By adopting a wealthy mindset, you will want to invest more than you spend. That is a huge prerequisite for amassing wealth. By investing more, in the long run, your current financial situation can be out of its current state.

The poor, however, do not feel this way. They believe since they earned every penny they had they might as well spend it and enjoy life. What a sad way to live. That’s why a wealthy mindset is useful for your process to wealth.

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2. You will make money doing the things you love

Having a wealthy mindset entails you doing what you love for money. That is one of the best ways to get rich. By doing what you love, you tend to see things in a clearer light, even to the point of controlling how much you make, and when. It will give you room for creativity like you can never get doing other things.

Also, doing what you love will protect you from hard times, which will definitely come. Those difficulties are just nature’s way to separate the passionate from the not so passionate. At this stage, only people who are really into that line of work will continue to press on.

Instead of all that, folks with poor mindset find themselves doing what they don’t actually love. That, in turn, leads them to constant complaining and lack of creativity in their work. Their minds won’t be open to see possibilities because that is not their field of expertise. That is no way to be wealthy.

3. You will start taking calculated risks

The concept of having a wealthy mindset includes you taking calculated risks. If you have not read my previous post, please bookmark this page and take a look at the post here. As a wealthy person in the making, you need to feel comfortable taking risks. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. That’s how it is.

Yeah…. But try not to lose. That’s why it’s called a calculated risk.

Okay, let’s get back to what we’re talking about. Taking calculated risks opens you to a new world of courage, and ultimately wealth. When you win, you see which ideas are the good ones. When you suffer a loss, you learn a lot from your mistakes and move on.

Those with poor mindset don’t have that kind of guts. They like playing everything safe, and remain in their precarious situation. Having a wealthy mindset gives you the courage to take risks, but remember, we’re talking about calculated risks.

4. You will be results oriented

Part of the quality of having a wealthy mindset entails you being eager to see results on a daily basis. That is a major step on how to develop positive attitude in life. By constantly training yourself to have a wealthy mindset, you will discover the importance of setting goals and achieving them.

For those who want help on setting and attaining goals, there’s a software solution for that. You can click here to get promo code for a special discount.

As far as we can see, when we set goals related to our fields, and take efforts in attaining them, you are setting a path for success, which in turn brings wealth. That’s what a wealthy mindset can do for you. Having a poor mindset would not propel you in that direction. Instead of setting and achieving goals, you will focus on living each day randomly. That is in fact very dangerous to our chances of becoming rich and happy.

5. You will make valuable friends

This is very important for people who want to know how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. It is very helpful for building connections with a line of people that can turn out to be future prospects in your industry. That is the quality of any business person.

It is funny what people with poor mindset feel. They think they do not need relatively successful people. Some even go to the extent of disliking them because of their success. That is a very wrong approach. Having a wealthy mindset helps you understand that you need them. They can help you financially and can even offer helpful business advice you may not be able to receive anywhere else.

6. You will be solution focused

One of the best parts of having a wealthy mindset is how focused you are on solutions, while others whine and complain about the problems. That’s how to develop a positive mindset. Being focused on solutions makes you more open to ideas and opportunities. You will be able to come up with a solution that will help a number of people, and in turn, gives you a long lasting wealth, with happiness.

Consider the richest people of our time: Jeff Bezos, Bill gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and so on. These people were able to identify problems and come up with efficient solutions. That is the key to super wealth – wealth beyond what we can compare, mixed with happiness. Having a wealthy mindset sets us up for that kind of success.

7. You will expand your learning scope

Education is not just limited to the four walls of a classroom. After formal education, there are still large areas of self-development we need to engage in. A wealthy mindset propels us into pursuing these other means of education. By taking courses, reading books and getting useful mentors, we can expose ourselves to a large sphere of information.

Speaking of learning outside the classroom, I would like for you to try out the Free Flow State Training Program. Click here to learn more about it.

People without a wealthy mindset do not see things that way. They prefer pleasure instead of sacrificing a bit of their time to hard learning. Such a wrong mentality. As soon as they are done with their formal education and gotten their degree, they just storm off, considering their graduation as a total end to education.

By cultivating a wealthy mindset, you will begin to see the importance of learning beyond the classroom. You will begin to learn how to start thinking positive.

As you might already know, most of the world’s successful people did not get their skills in classroom. As a matter of fact, a substantial amount of them are school dropouts.

Please note… this is not a call to drop-out from your current educational institution.

Complete your education and get a degree if you want, but remember there is still a wide range of information out there for you to learn about.

8. You will understand and respect money

Money is generally misunderstood by a lot of people today. Having a wealthy mindset exempts you from that plague of ignorance. By getting to know what your finances is all about, you will begin to generate ideas on how to manage it, and make more from the existing ones we have. Money can only be increased when it is understood, and rich people know that. That’s why they spend their time reading books on finance, and generally developing themselves to accommodate more wealth.

The poor people with a poor mindset think otherwise. They feel the idea of understanding money is not really as important as making it. That’s why you see someone win the lottery today, and broke in a few weeks’ time. A wealthy mindset will drive you to generally understand the concept of finances and how it can be managed. That is a very key process of getting wealthy.

9. You will tend to focus a bit more on yourself

We take a lot of time trying to understand everything that we completely forget about ourselves. Having a wealthy mindset involves getting to know ourselves better that other people do. There are many people who know how to spot the wellbeing of people but can’t quite do so for themselves. It is not supposed to be so.

Focusing on yourself will help you know when you are the most productive. It helps you understand and control your state of health. By health, I mean health in all aspects: physical health, mental health, and so on. We cannot progress in the wealth pursuit if we do not take care of ourselves.

For this, I recommend a program called Seven minute mindfulness. You can learn more about it and get the promo code for a special discount by clicking on this link.

We should know ourselves better than anybody else. It’s our personal lives, after all. By taking yourself into consideration, you will begin to see the effects in your level of strength and wellbeing.

Also, it is common knowledge that people will treat you how you treat yourself. By focusing on yourself by taking care of your health, keeping yourself nourished, wearing comfortable clothes, and understanding your productive moments, you will be opening up yourself for more respect than you could previously command.

10. You will give more to others

A person with a wealthy mindset is characterized by his/her willingness to give more than to take. It is one of the most fundamental laws of wealth and abundance. As I wrote in a previous post, giving has the ability to warm the recipient’s heart and in turn, creates more opportunity for you. That is the essence of riches and happiness.

Giving compels your mind to feel like you are in abundance. It is a step to learn how to start thinking positive. This also applies to giving the poor people in the neighborhood. Nothing warms your heart other than helping someone in need. In that way, you will have more reason to be happy than ever before.

Giving is not limited to money alone. It can be support, visiting those who are sick, helping out people in need. It will create an aura of prosperity around you that will begin to happen as soon as possible. It will boost your confidence and go deep into your mindset, creating opportunities that you would have missed. People have equally reported how the simple act of giving has led them to very high positions. Giving your time and your skill also have a special effect. Use this approach when opportune. Whenever you render a service for free, the recipient of that service would be eager to repay you in terms of connection. That is more valuable than anything else, if you are in business.

So, that is what a wealthy mindset can achieve for you. Be careful though: some people may want to take your giving attitude for granted. Gracefully avoid them. They would want to take advantage of the fact that you love giving than taking, and may make you feel guilty if you are not opportune to give. Ignore them. They have no right over your attitude. Your act of giving is under your influence. Always remember that.


A wealthy mindset is very necessary if you want to attain wealth and happiness as fast as possible. If you have noticed, the rich have a unique way of thinking, talking and offering solutions. Their state of mind, also called the wealthy mindset is highly responsible for their current success. If you want to know how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, check out how entrepreneurs think. In the same vein, studying wealthy people exposes you to their way of mind, and teaches you how to develop a positive mindset.

For the sake of revision, let’s go through the 10 ways on how a wealthy mindset can make you very rich and happy.

1. You will think more of investing rather than spending

2. You will make money doing the things you love

3. You will start taking calculated risks

4. You will be results oriented

5. You will make valuable friends

6. You will be solution focused

7. You will expand your learning scope

8. You will understand and respect money

9. You will tend to focus a bit more on yourself

10.You will give more to others By cultivating a positive mindset, you will begin to have the above listed characters in your life. That will open the path of riches and happiness in a unique way. It is how champions are born. By letting go of our past belief systems, we create an open mind for ourselves towards the attraction of wealth.

There’s a free video I would like you to watch. It teaches about the place of luck and opportunity in the wealth creation process. Check it out by clicking here.

I have written other posts on how to cultivate a wealthy mindset. If you have not read them yet, I will advise you do so. Click here to see them.

So now, you have learned about the importance of having a wealthy mindset. By understanding all these principles, you will be more open to change and improvement. It will teach you on how to develop positive attitude in life, which is a very important key to wealth. Don’t just read this and do nothing, take practical steps to achieving them. It’s the only way you can improve yourself. And as a practice in giving, share this post, in order to benefit others. Comment if you have any questions or suggestions, and till then, have a smooth ride to wealth!!

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