Steps on how to manifest money through a wealthy mindset

Wealth begins from within the mind. If you really want to begin making more money, learn to look beyond your current income source and focus on the real you – the one who is going to make that wealth. We can work, toil and sweat, but if we don’t have the right mindset, which is the wealthy mindset, we may not know how to manifest money or have the capability of attaining to that level of wealth we so desire. This is more than just merely thinking or doing what gurus may teach us, this is you aligning yourself to the principles that govern wealth coming to a person, regardless of the person’s past or circumstance.

We have all heard of great people who came humble beginnings and still made it well in life. Take for instance, Walt Disney, one of the greatest animators of all time. He slept in a church, was hungry, had nowhere to utilize his creative skills, until he began to apply the principles guiding success which eventually led to wealth. Also take Thomas Edison as an example. He had limited schooling due to financial resources, but due to sheer determination and talent, he was able to let go of his limitations and reach success.

These people have been through bad times, and they have learnt that for them to go out of their situation, they needed to follow the principles to go out of the poor mindset. To follow in their footsteps, we have to know what they learnt. We must figure out a way on how to manifest money through wealthy mindset, and that’s what is about happening now. Now, I want you to keep an open mind. Some of the points here might challenge your beliefs about money, but it is essential you understand the root of all this. So, with all said and done, let us begin to explore the steps by which one can manifest money through a wealthy mindset.

1. Believe in yourself

We must have heard these words over and over again, that it might even look as a waste of time for us putting it in the list. But that is not the case. A lot of people still find it hard to believe in themselves. They aggravate seemingly simple problems, and tend to forego what they are actually good at. The most interesting thing about this is that most people have a tendency to believe in others than in themselves. That attitude does very little to attract wealth. Your role in this case, is to believe in yourself. Have a rational belief that whatever you set your mind to accomplish, you can do it. That’s the basis on how to manifest money.

When you learn ways to believe in yourself, you are making yourself open to a whole new world of massive possibilities. The key to believing in yourself I to stay true to yourself. Understand who you are and what is important to you. Whatever you want to engage in, believe you can do it. By taking the time and effort to believe in yourself, just as it is explained and demonstrated here, you will begin to have courage to pursue your goals.

You can do this exercise every day to build belief in yourself: Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat words like “I believe in myself”. Such a practice can go deep into you and cause changes in your words and actions, and in turn, creates a firm belief in yourself.

2. Use your time effectively

We all have 24 hours in a day. How we use them is up to us. There are people who utilize their time so much it seems they have more than 24 hours, while others feel they do not have enough time. The trick is effective organization of our time. One of the best ways to organize your schedule is to engage in goal setting activities by setting clear goals for yourself. Whenever you have a goal and are sure about it, everything will become to enter its right place. Another seemingly simple way is to set a time table. Organize your daily tasks into a time table and watch how every hour will begin to count.

We can also use digital tools to ensure our time is properly managed. As soon as the goal is clear and the time table is set you should take due diligence to follow it. You should be proactive in making sure you execute the time table you planned.

Finally, don’t forget this: we are human beings. Never allow your drive for increased effectiveness and goal setting activities make you forget important parts of your life your health and family. These things are the true wealth, as they will make any other wealth worth having.

3. Always show gratitude

Gratefulness is not merely telling yourself that everything is fine. It is focusing your attention and time to everything in your life that you appreciate. Being grateful opens and warms our hearts. It connects us to the ordinary things that we would otherwise be taking for granted. Gratitude keeps us open to the goodness and tenderness in our experiences daily. There are a lot of things to be grateful for. Consider, for instance, the air you breathe, the food you eat, the opportunities you had in the past.

Take the time to remember things in your life that you should be grateful for, and be thankful for them. Gratitude helps us see what we are missing out on. We are surrounded by life’s greatest treasures, the good sights, our family, our health, and others.

Also remember to go out to appreciate people who have contributed positively to your life. It may not be that big. It may be someone who opens a door for you, or let you have the remote. No matter what it is, remember to say thank you. As you become more appreciative for everything, we can begin to be aware of the good things we have inside of us. We begin to see our unique talents and strengths and to utilize them to better the world, and also apply them in your wealth making journey.

4. Be more of a giver than a taker

There are three types of people in this world: the givers, the takers and the matchers.

The givers give more than they take. They focus more on what other people want than themselves. The takers take more than they give out. The matchers believe that favors have to be exchanged, not just given or taken. The most successful in this group are the givers.

We live in a world where interdependence between humans is a key to survival, so we should strive to adopt a giver mentality. Givers go out of their way to make sure people needs are met, people feel valued and respected, and also that people’s feelings are not hurt. As a result of this warmness, they tend to garner more friends than takers and matchers.

By cultivating the habit of giving, you tell yourself you have an abundance of whatever it is you are giving out. It may be money, love, care, support, or anything. It is very important that you begin to see the good side of things by progressing yourself to think constructively in any circumstance by proactively giving to others and caring about their welfare.

5. Choose how you want to be wealthy

There are many ways we can become wealthy. It could be in the fashion line, or in the tech industry. You might also consider general business or anything you want. The main idea is to find what you are really good at, as you have a better shot at becoming wealthy through that means.

One of the money meditation process involves finding the route to take to wealth which is as important as the wealth itself. It helps clarify your wealth accumulation process. After carefully examining the process you want to involve yourself with, take adequate measure to educate yourself thoroughly about that field. People fail to do that because they feel they have the necessary skills to attract success in that field. How wrong they are.

In every field, there are rules, both spoken and unspoken, that guides success. You will have to come to terms with the rules and completely understand its conventions, regardless of their origin. That ability will mark you out for success and distinguish you among others in such a way that your journey to wealth will be greatly reduced.

6. Never stop learning

After you have come to a decision on what path to choose in your drive to wealth, one of the steps on how to manifest money is to familiarize yourself with the field’s code of conduct, you must resolve never to stop learning.

By continuously learning new things, you not only keep your soul active, you also further your career, boosting your chances on the wealth attraction process. Learning ensures you remain relevant in a changing world where new information is produced every time. There are many ways by which one can keep learning new things. It could be by reading, going to new places, searching for new information and others. The key here is to be informed enough that you stay relevant in your field of choosing.

Also, you can seek out learning opportunities by embracing challenges in your field. Whenever there is something that seems cannot be done, you should step up and attempt it. By taking on new challenges, you will have lots of reasons to learn more about your field. The attempt at that challenge may not be successful as you planned but you will come out of it a more experienced person. Do not go about seeking comfort in your area of specialization. By being consistent in overcoming challenges, you will discover that you are better informed and well versed in that area than others who just decided to follow the easy path.

7. Do not give up

I wanted this to come last because it is the only thing that can ever get you going when you have taken all the steps above.

Let us consider this old story: Two men set out into the mountains in search for precious materials like gold, diamond, rubies and the likes. They were told by local farmers that people had in the past gotten such precious materials from that exact locations. They did their findings, and it was reported to be true, so they embarked on the project. They however, decided to take the tasks independently. They would choose where to dig, each his own portion, and whoever was lucky would take the precious stones along with them. Soon, they started digging, digging, and digging, until it was midnight.

Propelled by the desire to get rich quick, they continued with increasing tenacity, until the next day. After a few short breaks and endless digging, they started to doubt if the story about the precious stones were even through at all. Convinced there was nothing there, they decided to go their separate ways.

All of a sudden, one of the men raised the issue that they had given all they had for this adventure and would not be so glad if they returned to their homes with nothing. Finally convinced he was to never stop trying, he went back to the mountain. He decided he would dig deep enough to be completely sure there was nothing underground, only then can he return without any doubts in his mind. For the sake of curiosity, he decided to start by digging out the other man’s portion. On the first two strokes, he noticed something in the ground, and on further digging, he discovered a whole mountain of treasures, making him as rich as he could ever be.

This story tells us about how dangerous it is for us to give up when we feel tired or bored. Whenever you give in to this feeling of giving up, remind yourself that until you have tried every possible action to this, you cannot give up. A lot of times in history, people have given up on great projects only to have it taken by people who did a little of the job, and got all the results.

So, on your journey to true and lasting wealth, do not give up on your dreams and goals. Following the above steps you must resolve to keep going even when it seems tough. That’s the way to lasting wealth.


Manifesting money is not a product of radical chance and prolonged coincidence. It is instead a result of your voluntary efforts towards the manifestation of money. The steps listed above, if followed accordingly, is a process of money meditation that improves a person’s status and help such a person manifest money at a good rate than ever before.

Let’s go through what the steps again, so we can see how they are in accordance with each other.

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Use your time effectively
  3. Always show gratitude
  4. Be more of a giver than a taker
  5. Choose how you want to be wealthy
  6. Never stop learning
  7. Do not give up

By following the above steps, you gain a control of how money manifests in your life. These steps are taken from proven mind hacks that have produced success in the past, as you can see here. The sequence goes like this: you first believe in yourself, because that is the key to the whole process. Unbelief in oneself will make the other steps extremely hard or even impossible. After that, you ensure you maximize use of your time. In the meantime, you grab every opportunity to show gratitude for all the good things you have in life. This will put you in the right frame of mind to successfully complete the other four steps.

After that, you make a resolve to give more than you take. Whenever the chance presents itself, you should give people what they really need, be it comfort, advice, gifts, or even money. While doing all these, you should choose how exactly you want to be wealthy. You may be an entrepreneur or an employee, a craftsman or a consultant, it’s all up to you. The major reason for this is you will need to have a platform from where you begin the manifestation of money.

While doing all these, never stop learning. Keep refreshing old ideas, and generate new and better ones, so you can stay on top of your field. Most importantly, be consistent. Never give up on whatever you commit yourself to do. It may be that little push that will mean success in that activity. Ensure you have the right people beside you at all times so that in whatever way you plan to advance further, they will be there to take you up.

I hope you took a lot from this post. Ensure you carry out each of these steps and watch how you will begin to manifest money in your own unique way. As always, remember to share this post and ask questions or give suggestions through the comment box below. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Go, and live the best life you can!

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