Do these 15 things daily to maintain a Wealthy Mindset

Most of the millionaires have some specific qualities, habits, and behaviors that highly contributed to
their successes. A lot of people want to become rich. They have big dreams of leaving their employment
jobs and being their own employers. But it just can’t happen overnight. There are steps to becoming a
millionaire that you need to follow, and more importantly, mindsets you need to adopt.

One of the best ways to become a millionaire is to train your mind to behave like a billionaire’s mind. This
involves the daily action of practicing the ways wealthy people think. It is called the Wealthy Mindset.
Having a wealthy mindset will require you to keep an open mind. It will need you stretch your thoughts

By allowing your mindset to change positively, you will begin to understand what makes you a millionaire.
You will be able to access opportunities that were not possible to access before, making you as wealthy as
you can ever imagine. The application of a wealthy mindset is not only for wealth. It also exposes you to
other forms of success, in terms of career and others.

Anyone can be wealthy regardless of age, gender, religion, or any other barriers. All we need is to have
the right skillset and mental attitude towards our desired fields. Below is a list of 15 things to do daily in
order to have and maintain a millionaire’s mindset.

1. Spend wisely. Invest more than you spend

This is a character that wealthy people carry with them for as long as they live. They understand
that the money spent cannot get back to them, but invested money can bring results that far
surpass the initial sacrifice they had to go through.

Whenever an amount of money gets to you, try this: Make a list of what you need. Note here –
the emphasis is on need. Cross out things you can always do without. They are not for you to use
now. After that, consider investing your money in areas that could fetch you more money. It may
be a business expenditure, or anything else – just put your money to work. That’s where poor
people get it wrong. As soon as they get some amount of money, they begin to spend frivolously.
They forget that the money has the ability to fetch them more in the nearest future. Because of
that negligence, they live from paycheck to paycheck, wondering what went wrong in their
financial pursuits. So, a very important wealthy mindset is this: Spend Wisely. Invest more instead
of spending more.

2. Understand it’s a slow process

People with a poor mindset want to get wealth fast. They believe they can close their eyes, think
up a few things, get to work, and in a few months, boom! They are as rich as they could ever be.

It doesn’t work that way. Wealthy people understand this. They know it is a slow process and
take it that way. They understand that things may not work out as fast as they planned it to, and
they give room for time lapses. That’s a very good mindset you should pick up. Understand that
the process of wealth accumulation, by fair and just means, is a slow process. Study shows that it
takes a young person a few years to become a millionaire. Now that’s not what people with poor
mindset want to hear. They feel they should be like Bill Gates in a few weeks, maybe months’
time. They do not quite see the value of time lapse. Time lapse gives you more room to grow, and
accumulate more wisdom. Understand this: Wealth accumulation is a slow process.

3. Take calculated risks

Wealthy people take calculated risks while poor people do not take risks at all, or take completely
foolish ones. Choose where you want to be. While the rest of the world is playing safe, getting
and maintaining jobs, those with wealthy mindsets take risks and launch out in the open. They
see things and create business out of them.

At first, they are laughed at by the others, but soon enough, they start to realize they were the
foolish ones. When you see an investment opportunity, after carefully studying everything about
it, take a step, and involve yourself in it. The same goes for business opportunities. Understand
that there’s no major reward without a spice of risk in it.

4. Create relationships with valuable people

The people we spend our time with is a big factor of whether we will be wealthy or remain poor.
Rich people have a habit of meeting up with people better than they are, or more successful, and
in turn, they get better themselves.

On the other hand, people with a poor mindset tend to have people of less value around them.
They do not actively seek out people who have been successful in their various fields. They enjoy
being the wisest in the group, or the richest, or the most successful, and hence, they do not make
any progress whatsoever. If you want to be a wealthy person, one of your principles should be to
make friends with people better than you.

5. Investigate before you invest

This is a very important key to a billionaire’s mind. Always remember to check out whatever you
are investing into. The time you take to learn about it will be considered as a seed you sow, which
you will later reap.

Many people get into the habit of carelessly investing their money. That’s a very wrong mentality.
If you check out point 1, you will see that I said you should spend wisely. Investing carelessly will
only mean you might lose a lot of money.

As part of the steps to becoming a millionaire, you should learn to take calculated risks. Not
careless risks, calculated risks. This involves carefully studying what it is you want to invest into. It
is a very necessary step.

6. Focus on your money, don’t lose it

This is more a corollary of the previous methods. Here, I’m not just talking about investments,
I’m talking about your daily expenditures. Always minimize how much money you spend that
never comes back.

I’m not saying you should be stingy to yourself, that’s about the worst thing ever. I mean you
should take a proper care of your expenses. Ask yourself questions like what can I do to minimize
how much I spend per month? One characteristic of wealthy people is their ability to question
their expenses and do something about it. Poor people do not have that mentality. They engage
in all kinds of expenses and complain about their lack of it. Do not think that way. Control and
minimize how much money leaves your pocket.

7. Guard your reputation closely

Your reputation is one of the most important part of your wealth. Wealthy people know that.
That’s why they go to any extremes to ensure their reputation is as clean as ever. Folks with a
poor mindset don’t see things that way. They go ahead and do anything that grants immediate
pleasure without considering the consequence of their actions.

As an aspiring millionaire, you will want to do business with a lot of people. If your reputation has
been damaged, how do you intend to get those business partners you dreamed of? Whenever
you find yourself in a compromising situation, always ask yourself this question: Is this worth
throwing all my dreams away for?

Avoid acting with a poor mentality. Get out of places and actions that can damage your
reputation. In that way, there will be nothing to use against you, and everything will be okay.
Always remember that.

8. Understand Luck, so you can be humble

We don’t always get what we want in life. That’s what makes life more interesting and
competitive. So, if you have something in mind to do, go out and try to achieve it. If you don’t get
it, consider where you went wrong, and if it’s worth it, keep trying.

If on the other hand, you achieved it, be grateful. Consider it as your hard work paying off, but
also because of luck. That keeps you humble. There have been many people who tried exactly
what you did, even better, and still didn’t get your results. Every wealthy person I’ve come across
have admitted to that. They believe a little bit of luck was on their side.

So, always remember this: Whatever you achieved, you worked for it. You deserve it. But Luck
also played a role in your success. So be humble.

9. Understand why you want to be wealthy

We all need wealth for some reason or the other. You need to find out the deepest reason in
your mind for needing the money. That will be your drive, your motivation. As an action step,
decide every day to tell yourself why you are doing all this. That will instill a level of determination
and courage in you. You will be able to wake up late at night, meet the person who intimidates
you and do all sort of things you normally wouldn’t do if you didn’t have that vision.

Understand this: We are at our bravest and noblest state when we strive for a greater cause. It
could be your family (which is often the case), or your neighborhood friends, or someone you
love. Just decide on which is your drive, and you have the motivation to last for as long as you

10. Get the right things done

That’s where most people get it wrong. They tend to focus on the less important stuff while the
more important ones are left unattended to. This is primarily due to poor time management and
misplacement of priorities.

Wealthy people know exactly when to do things and what things should be done first. This is not
rocket science – it’s about knowing what is more important to you and what’s not. Before doing
the less important things, ask yourself if there’s anything important you should be doing. I’m not
saying you should strive to lead a life of boredom. Take breaks whenever you want to. But
remember, important stuff should be done at the right times.

11. Get a team if you need one

We all can’t do everything ourselves. There will be times when there’s too much work than we
can handle. At that stage, we need to learn how to delegate tasks to others. Build a team, in
short. There will always be people who can do things you can or can’t do. You need them for your
cause. There are many ways you can get a team. It can be your old colleagues, friends, people
you met at conferences, whatever. Just make sure you have the right people for your work, and
you are on your way to success.

12. Turn up. Embrace Competition

Wealthy people know the importance of competition and how it helps them grow in any industry.
That should be your mindset too. Whenever you want to enter a particular niche and there’s
already competition, don’t chicken out. Turn up and embrace the competition. See it as a means
to propel yourself by many miles forward.

A lot of people tend to shy away when they see a lot of competition in a particular field. If you
want to be a millionaire, you will have to drop that mindset. By constantly facing competition,
you will discover better, cost effective ways to provide solutions. You will face constant
improvement until you become a giant in your field. So, remember this: You will never grow well
until you face competition. So learn to embrace them as they come.

13. Learn the art of negotiation

This is the character of any truly wealthy person. You will need to be able to negotiate in a way
that benefits you. When buying, you should be able to get the seller to lower the price. When
selling, you should equally be able to get the buyer to pay a high price.

Learn to negotiate. There are many experts at it. Learn from them. As I pointed out earlier, invest
your money in important stuff. Buy books and watch tutorial videos. Meet up with people you
feel have mastered how to negotiate perfectly. They will tell you how it’s done. That’s what
makes you a millionaire. This is a very important mindset you should have. Buy at lesser prices,
sell at higher prices.

14. Focus on the solution, not the problem

People tend to focus on the problems in the world today. They complain how the world isn’t fair,
how nothing works out, how the rich oppress the poor and so on. As true as those complaints
might be, that should not be your focus.

You should instead focus on the solution. There’s no general solution to all the problems in the
world, of course, but you can always find solutions to some of the small problems around us.
That’s how great businesses are born. So, from now on, whenever you see a problem, focus your
mind on the solution. That daily exercise will train your mindset to recognize opportunities when
others think of problems.

15. Keep challenging yourself

There’s still a lot of room for improvement. There’s no such thing as one hundred percent
complete. The wealthy ones know that. Every day, find new ways to challenge yourself. When
you feel you have completed a large task, after usual celebrations and patting on the back, give
yourself a bigger challenge and work towards attaining it. By constantly challenging yourself, you
will have room to improve and accumulate much wealth than ever before.


Having a millionaire’s mindset is one of the best ways to become a millionaire. You have to expose your
mind to the world, embrace a radical view of everything. You will need to have an open mind, so you can
see all that life has to offer. To think like a millionaire, you need to follow the methods listed above. As I
mentioned earlier, they are products of researching the lives of highly wealthy people.

To summarize everything, let’s go through the key points of this post:

1. Spend wisely. Invest instead of spending more.
2. Understand it’s a slow process
3. Take calculated risks
4. Create relationships with valuable people
5. Investigate before you invest
6. Focus on your money, don’t lose it
7. Guard your reputation closely
8. Understand Luck, so you can be humble
9. Understand why you want to be wealthy
10. Get the right things done
11. Get a team if you need one
12. Turn up. Embrace Competition
13. Learn the art of negotiation
14. Focus on the solution, not the problem
15. Keep challenging yourself

With these key principles, you can begin to adopt the mindset of billionaires. You will begin to
think like a millionaire does, and in turn, get the wealth you have been looking for. By daily
putting these methods to practice, you will begin to have and maintain a millionaire’s mindset,
which will set the path of true wealth.

I’m sure you have learned a lot from this post. Now, don’t just end here. Put everything into
practice. As an old saying goes, practice makes perfection. See yourself as your own project which
should soon come into perfection. Don’t forget to share and comment if you have any questions.
Good luck on your journey to abundance!

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