Mindset: What does it Mean?

Your mindset is your state of mental perception which prompts you to act or otherwise. It’s like a mirror through which you view yourself and others. Every human being is whomever they think and believe they are. The nature of mindset is that what you think of yourself determines how far you will go in life. Human mindset also dictates how we see the world, including the challenges and opportunities in it. Your mindset is, therefore, capable of altering what you think of life and how you think about it. Mindset is a psychological state which informs our actions and inaction. It can also be referred to as human attitude towards everything.

What’s a Wealthy Mindset and Who has a Wealthy Mindset?

Wealthy mindset is a radical reaction to poverty. Simply put, it is the mental inclination that you have all that it takes to make money, acquire property, impact the life of others, live your dream and do all sorts of things associated with being wealthy. In addition, wealthy mindset makes you think and act like a wealthy person. It is a microscope that makes you see opportunities clearer than anyone. It opens your eyes to series of chances even where every other person thinks there is none.

Wealthy mindset separates successful people from the masses because it makes them to get things done with little or no resources at all. A person is said to have wealthy mindset if he or she behaves in a way that similar to that of wealthy people; sees opportunity in every aspect of life; thinks and acts appropriately; considers himself or herself fit to rule the world with ideas; In other words, anyone who is always driven by their attitude and behavior to have more has a wealthy mindset.

Why is a Wealthy Mindset Important?

Show me a person whose objectives exclude financial independent and I will stop talking about wealthy mindset. Tell me about anyone who does not care about being successful and I will stop talking about wealthy mindset. A wealthy mindset is central to the core goal of everyone. Raging from being secured financial to being accomplished in chosen career, all sorts of primary goals that people set for themselves cannot be achieved without a wealthy mindset. It is impossible for a person with a poverty mindset to set a goal and achieve it. Hardly will you see a single rich person who became rich by accident. And if at all they do probably through inheritance, a wealthy mindset is needed for the purpose of maintenance. Given these, no one will be wealthy without having a wealthy mindset. And since everyone wants to be wealthy, a wealthy mindset becomes paramount.

How to Develop a Wealthy Mindset

Almost everyone, if not everyone, craves being prosperous but not many have the kind of mindset a wealthy person should have. This is because a lot of people have been colonized by poverty mentality while others lack the idea of practical steps to be taken to cultivate the mental behavior of wealthy people. If you truly want to actualize your dream of becoming wealthy, all you to do is to develop a wealthy mindset. Explained below are six (6) ways to develop a wealthy mindset.

  1. Surround Yourself with Wealthy People or People who Have a Wealthy Mindset: This is the first way of developing a wealthy mindset, and it probably the most effective way. People around you have unquantifiable influence on your life. To a large extent, the kind of people you move with, discuss with and learn from determine your perspective to everything in life. If you want to develop a wealthy mindset, ensure that you surround yourself with people of like mind. Put differently, the only set of people you should allow around you are those whose mindset is wealthy or those who have achieved their aim of becoming wealthy.

These people will not only inspire you to think like a wealthy person, they will also help you to reach your full potentials so that your mindset becomes wealthy. There are many ways to this. One is for you to leverage their success and failure stories towards making your mindset wealthy. Another is for you to train your mind in a way that makes you believe you can actually develop a wealthy mindset. This is important because believing you can do something is the first step to doing it. Once you are inspired to believe you can achieve a wealthy mindset, you will begin to think and act like a wealthy person. Little wonder Adil Laresh claims that if you hang out with nine successful people, you are bound to be the tenth. In this context, if you have around you nine people whose mindset is wealthy, your mindset is bound to be the tenth.

  1. Embrace Thorough Financial Planning: To develop a wealthy mindset, another thing you need to do is to start planning the way you spend. Financial planning involves setting priorities and avoiding unnecessary risks. Ask yourself whether it is important for you to buy anything before you do so. Also, do not ever count on luck for anything. You should adopt result-oriented strategies that assuredly meet your targets. Wealthy people are tactical and they lay little or no emphasis at all on the role of luck in all their dealings. It is necessary for you to imbibe this habit if you want to develop a wealthy mindset. This is because the goal of financial planning is prudence which ultimately commands wealthy thinking.

You have reason to worry if financial planning is one of your weaknesses since you can hire an expert to that for you. A lot of wealthy people employ experts to manage their finances in order to achieve their goals faster and smarter. But if planning your finances is within your expertise, activate it immediately if you are serious about developing a wealthy mindset. Remember developing a wealthy mindset is doing what wealthy people do, and wealthy people plan their finances. So, embrace financial planning so as to develop a wealthy mindset.  

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  1. Be Goal-Oriented: You cannot play gambles with the outcomes of your actions and expect your mindset to be wealthy. You have to set goals i.e. know what you want to achieve at different points in time to develop a wealthy mindset. Apart from the fact that setting goals will push you to take the right actions, it will also strengthen you not to rest until you are done. Being goal-oriented helps you to track your performance so as to know whether there is a need for improvement or you are putting in adequate effort. You can decide to go manual in your attempt to set goals and you can use a goal setting software for high-achievers. Recent researches have established that using a goal setting software is better because it helps to achieve more within a shorter period.

To set your goals, simply make a list of what you would like to accomplish at a particular time. For instance, if you own a company, your goals can be recruiting ten new workers and purchasing two additional machines at the end of the business year. If you are able to do so as planned, you have achieved your goals and you can set greater goals.  But if otherwise, you will know you have to re-strategize. Being goal-oriented is a quick way to develop a wealthy mindset!

  1. Invest not Save: Saving will never make you develop a wealthy mindset. What will do is investing. Saving is keeping a certain amount till it is needed while investing is spending to have more. If you save your money, your wealth does not increase. It, rather, remains stagnant or decreases over time, especially if the value of the money depreciates. To develop a wealthy mindset, you should avoid saving because it is closer to poverty than affluence. Investing will help you to multiply in worth and it will help you to develop a wealthy mindset.

There are many ways you can invest your money. One of these ways is to invest it in stock exchange market by buying shares, bonds and debentures. Stock market trains you to cultivate the investing habit and also learn the pros and cons of the act of investing. You can also invest in yourself by buying invaluable books about wealthy people or ones written by wealthy people themselves. Irrespective of the way you choose to invest, what is necessary is research. Make inquiries about whatever you want to invest in to avoid wasting your time and money.

  1. Think Big and Act Big: Don’t be parochial in setting your goals because there is no limit to what you can achieve. Thinking big has to do with breaking barriers with your ideas and having a vision for abundance. However, dreams don’t come true except they are pursued. Couple your vision with befitting actions. Don’t just wait for things to fall in place; arrange them yourself. If you think and act big, then you will develop a wealthy mindset.
  2. Have a Positive Attitude and Perception: A shoes’ seller doing a market survey visited a village where no one wears shoes. He concluded that the village is not a good place for his product because no one uses it. Another seller visited the same village and concluded that it was the best place for his product because everyone would buy. That is the power of positive perception. To develop a millionaire mindset, you have to see every problem as an opportunity to make money. Similarly, you have to show positive attitude to your work and goals to make your mindset wealthy.
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