6 ways to Position Yourself for Wealth Attraction in 2020

Wealth starts from your state of mind. It is about you aligning yourself with the conditions that attracts money and wealth. To be wealthy, you will have to train your mind for wealth first. You can seek external help like self-improvement courses, but it works best if you do it yourself. There are programs to help you with that. The Wealth Compass and Wealth Trigger 360 are very good for this. Click here to check out my comparison [Wealth Compass vs. Wealth Trigger 360].

So, what do we mean by saying you need to train your mind for wealth? I’ll answer that with a short story.

Once upon a time, there was a man who lived in a place very near to Pittsburgh. He was a farmer and he ran his farm by himself. He was very hardworking, of course, and his labor paid off by providing money for himself and his family.

There was a problem with the farm, however. The produce wasn’t good enough. For some unknown reasons, it just failed to produce healthy crops. The farmer knew he could have gained more profit if only his farm produced better crops. He had to live with that bitter feeling of pity for himself daily.

One day, a group of young men who had been surveying his farm for a while came to him and offered to buy his farm from him. They were ready to pay a large sum of money for it. The farmer couldn’t understand why they wanted it so bad, but since he had already set his mind on achieving financial independence, he saw that as an opportunity to make a huge profit from his pathetic farm. He would use to profit to engage in other good ways to earn money. He agreed to sell it.

Some months later, he later found out that his farm was a huge space of land containing lots of crude oil under it. The gentlemen have bought an entire crude oil well from him. At that time, the amount he sold the land seemed huge, but now, compared to the money they would make, it was really small.

Most of us are like that farmer. We see from the outside and make conclusions without checking the inside part first. We are all like a huge gold mine. Or a large oil well. Or whatever seems sensible to you. We fail to see the wealth stored inside of us, and then we become bought over by those who see that value. We put in our energy for so little, and spend so much time achieving less than we are originally capable of. We do not realize we have the potential to be future millionaires.

In that case, we are not positioning ourselves for wealth. The best way we can take in achieving financial independence is to embrace the mindset that leads to wealth. That’s a secret to become rich.

That’s what you are going to learn in this post. You will learn techniques that will open a whole new world of possibilities for you, if only you follow them through. You will learn about the habits of wealthy people and how they have led them to their current successes. So, if you are ready to be a financially independent person with a story to tell, and if you are tired of the mindset you have going on now, and you want a complete change, follow through this post to the end.


6 ways to position yourself for wealth attraction in 2020

Here are 6 ways you can use to position yourself for wealth attraction in 2020. The ways I’ll list below has everything to do with you. So, the best way to make the most of what you will learn now is to begin applying these steps in your life, and watch it turn for the better.

What you are about to read now has been tried and tested by a number of people, who have seen the benefits in a short amount of time. They are the habits of wealthy people. However, do not take these methods just as it is. Instead, you should also take concrete efforts to understand and practice them, and you will see the benefits in your finances.

1. Understand Money and Finances

It might seem pretty obvious, but you will be surprised how many people want to be wealthy but still do not understand the basics of money and finances.

Let’s consider a scenario. Suppose a child from your family, say a nephew, walks to you and asks you to buy him something. He doesn’t know what he wants, but he wants you to buy it anyway. You could be frustrated and buy tons of stuff, and he still may not accept them. He is not particularly sure of what he wants, and that will make it hard for you to get him that.

That’s exactly what you are putting yourself through if you do not understand money. Money is a means to achieving most of the things you want in life. It is not a cure all for every problem, but it can help to a degree.

Make it a decision to educate yourself in money matters from time to time, and you will begin to see the wealth attraction coming. You will begin to see the true value of things around you, the value of your expenses, and even determine your future expenditure. That is a very huge step in your wealth attraction journey.

By understanding money, you will begin to feel more comfortable when money issues are raised. You will begin to think exactly how millionaires think. That sends a very strong signal that you are ready for the vast amount of wealth you so desire, and that would begin to conform to your developing desire, which will lead us to our next point.

2. Make sure you really want wealth and abundance

Have you ever seen anyone who really wants something and they can’t seem to get it off their minds so much that it even reflects in their social life?

It may not be a good attitude for other desires, but for wealth and abundance, that kind of desire is what you need. No, I am not asking you to pursue wealth to the extent of doing anything bad, that’s where you need to draw a line. There are good ways to earn money. I’m talking about you wanting abundance that it reflects in your attitude towards business, making new friends, reading the right books and going to the right places.

Desire has a very important role to play in your wealth attraction journey. It opens up your eyes and mind to opportunities you never noticed before. No one is perfect, we are all working on ourselves. We just need to have this fierce desire to accomplish our goals, and that’s it. We now have a super charge, a deep level of motivation that even obstacles can’t stop.

Making sure we really want wealth before you go on and start attracting it into your life, -that’s the best form of motivation you can ever get. It is how people become rich.

3. Have an Abundance Mindset

Your mindset, that is, the thought you continually place in your mind, has a lot to do with whether you will become wealthy or remain in your current state. Your thoughts are the source of your current conditions, circumstances, successes and failures.

Ask successful people. They are very selective of their thoughts. The thoughts they allow into their minds are based on success, achievement and wealth. In other words, they have an abundance mindset. They meet limited circumstances with big and optimistic thoughts. That’s how millionaires think. As a result, they get to experience what they thought about.

When you see a wealthy person look at a particular situation, they begin to anticipate success along the way. It’s not because they do not know the problems they will face. They know about it alright. But they also know they will get through it easily. Their minds are set on the final achievement. It’s a great step to achieving financial independence. And then they achieve it.

There is no magic there. Their focus on success only makes them more creative and open to suggestions. They see more opportunities than other people and work on them as fast as they can. That’s what really happens. And that could be your life if only you embrace an Abundance Mindset.

4. Give, according to your ability

Have you noticed that a large percentage of wealthy people are also the best givers? Giving is an age long tradition that has worked many wonders. The act of delivering a gift cannot be underestimated. The gift may not necessarily be money, it may be an item, love, care and support, or anything else.

By giving, you can accelerate your journey to wealth. It has worked for countless people as a secret to become rich, and it can work for you. It worked for the Greeks. They gifted a wooden horse to Troy, and it helped them win a 10-year battle. Now, I am not saying you should practice giving as a deceptive tactic – the act of giving in wealth attraction works when it is genuine.

Giving warms the heart of the recipients and in turn create opportunities for you. As you may well know, opportunities are connected to people. It doesn’t just float in empty space. Giving can speak volumes even when you are not around. It may be a monetary gift, or a helpful piece of advice. Whatever it is, so far the recipient got it for free, it is a gift, and it creates opportunities for you.

While I was studying how people become rich, I understood that by giving, you create a feeling of wealth in you. This is very important for attracting wealth in your life. I mentioned earlier about thinking abundance. Giving is a way of thinking abundance.

5. Be grateful for the wealth you already have

Cultivate a habit of gratitude for all the things you have now. There are things money cannot buy. We are alive and breathing well. Remember the good things you have been through in the past. The successes you’ve had, the job you secured, the opportunities you’ve had to make good money and so on. Fill your mind with gratitude and you are on your way to attracting wealth.

By constantly looking at the good side of things, you will be developing a mindset that highly qualifies as a wealthy mindset, which in turn attracts more wealth into your life. Instead of looking at the bad side, concentrate on the better side. It will help you to start thinking just like how millionaires think.

So, from today, make a habit of showing gratitude for what you already have, and you will have more come to you.

6. Improve yourself in order to provide awesome value to people

This is one of the most important part of this post. As a person looking to attract wealth, you should constantly work on improving yourself daily.

This may involve advancing your skills, building effective communication skills, and generally improving yourself in what you do to earn money. It is necessary to improve yourself, because by doing so, your confidence will improve.

Confidence is an essential part of wealth attraction, and until you have developed some level of confidence, wealth accumulation may be harder than intended. To build such confidence, take steps to improve yourself. It is one of the secrets to become rich. If you are in a particular career, take time to learn more about it, ask questions from relevant authorities in your field, and get better. In that state of mind, you will have the
confidence necessary to attract and command wealth easily.


The attraction of wealth is a mind oriented action. It involves you working on yourself and thoughts, and then manifesting those thoughts and wealth strategies into actions to attaining your financial goals.

By disciplining your mind to align with what you really want, you will definitely attract it into your life. It’s not just the thoughts that will work themselves out, they will align your actions, attitudes and other factors that will lead to your success.

Unlike the farmer in the story, we can decide today, to look inward instead of focusing outwards. We should align ourselves to our deepest desires and then watch how things  reveal themselves physically. It will seem like clockwork, watching stepping stones to our desires laid in front of us. All we have to do is to embrace the mindset listed above.

To summarize everything, let’s go through what we have learnt in this post:

  1. Understand Money and Finances
  2. Make sure you really want wealth and abundance
  3. Have an abundance mindset
  4. Give, according to your ability
  5. Be grateful for the wealth you already have
  6. Improve yourself in order to provide awesome value to people

If you can take time to apply these principles in your daily life, you will enjoy abundance like never before. That’s how people become rich. You will see wealth come to you, and you will know how it happened. It won’t be a case of random activity again, it will be directly controlled by your mindset, your attitude, and your personality. And remember: you are looking for good ways to earn money, so don’t do anything illegal.

Now, you have learnt some life changing principles. Use it wisely, and do not hesitate to inform others about it. Tell your friends, share this post, and comment if you have questions or suggestions. Go, and live life to the fullest!

Ed P. Sand is an Online Entrepreneur, Yoga teacher, practicing yoga & meditation for more than 15+ years from his indian guru.
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